We know a lot of you have had to make the change from a summer wedding to winter due to COVID-19 and while we wish we didn't have too, we thought we would share some inside tips on how to transform your wedding day.

Wedding Dress

Speak with your seamstress/boutique to see if it’s possible to add on sleeves. So many dresses come with detachable sleeves these days that there may be an option for you to do this and then take them off for the evening. You can still have that dress you dreamed about but also able to stay warm during photos.

Dress from Tie The Knot Bridal


Summer weddings often times include an outdoor ceremony, and while you may not be able to incorporate that in winter, recreating a dreamy ceremony is still very much doable. Lots and lots (we mean tons) of candlelight will add the perfect touch to make your new indoor ceremony dreamy. Winter greenery such as pine also helps add that touch too!

Photo taken at LedgeCrest Reserve by Jessica Bedore Photography
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Wedding Floral and Decor

A lot of spring/summer weddings come with color palettes in whites, greens, light pinks and yellows. You don’t have to entirely change your color palette but there are ways to adapt it to your new season. Maybe you were looking at a white and green scheme, something quite botanical. You can still have this as the basis of your color scheme but maybe look at adding darker tones in, very subtly. Berries are a great addition to a winter bouquet too. You could consider snow berries or brunia to keep with the theme light but festive. Lanterns and candlelight is another perfect way incorporate winter decor.

Floral by Buds 'n' bloom
Ledgecrest Reserve Wisconsin wedding venue
Ledgecrest Reserve Wisconsin wedding venue
Photo by Erin Jean Photography

How does this sound? It may not be the date you had planned for, but winter weddings can be just as flawless as a summer wedding. We would love to hear from you so we can give you more information on winter pricing! To learn more about our winter pricing, contact us today!

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