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Our biggest questions we get here at LedgeCrest Reserve are about the bar. Today we are sharing options that keep your guests happy & hydrated AND keeps you from breaking your budget on the bar!

People always ask how much should they pay for the bar? Should they host? Should guests have to pay for drinks? While you don't have to host the entire bar, it's good to keep in mind, this is the biggest party you will ever throw - do you want your guests spending all their money for drinks?

We've seen so many couples experience overpaying for bar packages at other venues, that's why at The LedgeCrest Reserve, we are flexible to you! If you want to host certain items we can make that happen. Or maybe you want to host up to a certain amount of money, that is also doable. Or you certainly can offer all drinks at no charge if that is what you wish and your budget allows.

Once a decision has been made, we always provide a bar menu. After all you as a host are paying a lot of money to keep your guests happy and we want them to be choosing drinks that you have hosted. Our staff will put together a Bar Menu of the items that you are hosting, so guests have an easy understanding of those items!

When it comes to keeping your guests hydrated, we recommend a water station every time! Imagine a hot and humid summer wedding and guests have come off the dance floor to grab some water and they have to pay for bottled water! We always recommend a hydration station to allow guests the opportunity to get water without having to wait in line and most importantly without having to pay a fee for bottled water.

In the end be sure to make a decision that falls in line with your budget, gives your guests a few options, and keeps them hydrated.

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