Expert Advice: What to do after you say “YES!”

May 31, 2019

Your fiance just proposed and you sais YES! For so many couples, this happy time can quickly become stressful when the reality of starting your wedding planning sets in. It shouldn’t be this way! Today, we sat down with Kylie Birenbaum of Sash and Bow Wedding + Event Planning, to talk about the first steps that a couple should take after the proposal happens.

LedgeCrest Reserve: This time of year, there are so many couples becoming engaged on summer weekends. What do you think is the first thing they should do once the question is popped?

Kylie: You’re so right! There are so many engagements happening right now. Besides telling their family and friends, there are a few things that should happen right way as a way to kick off wedding planning. One of the first things that we suggest doing is thinking about a timeframe for when you’d want the wedding to take place. We always recommend coming up with a few months or a time of year that you’d like to get married versus having a very specific date in mind. So, once the excitement dies down a bit, sit down with your new fiance and start thinking about that.

LCR: That’s a great point. As a venue, we definitely tend to book pretty early and dates go fast. Howfar in advance do you recommend booking a venue?

Kylie: That’s actually the second thing that we recommend our couples do. Venues, as I’m sure you know, tend to book a year to a year and a half in advance. Sometimes, they book out even farther than that. It’s crucial that couples, once thinking about the time of year they’d like to get married, immediately start contacting venues. Do this before you do any other part of your planning. Too often, we find that clients want to book things like their photographer or florist, but they don’t have a venue in place. Often when this happens, they have a really hard time finding a date that both the venue and their other vendors have open. So, definitely start with the venue.

LCR: Speaking of that lead time, how long do you think couples should plan on being engaged so that they have enough time to plan?

Kylie: If it’s possible, we love to have a year to work with. And couples planning their wedding on their own should aim for about a year to a year and a half engagement. Obviously, there can be circumstances when that’s not possible, and we have worked in those scenarios, but in general it’s important to leave enough time to find a venue that you love, and to book other vendors who are also open on that date. It doesn’t seem like it wouuld take that long, but planning a wedding is a big task, and allowing yourself a bit more time will make the process less stressful for the couple.

LCR: Thanks so much for your time, Kyle! We appreciate your expertise. 

Kylie: Of course. We’re so excited for LedgeCrest to be open in De Pere. It’s going to be such an amazing addition to the area and we’ll definitely be recommending it to our clients!

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