Wedding Photos at The LedgeCrest Reserve – Do it all Here!

May 14, 2019

One of the things that drew us to Olde School Square in Ledgeview was the beautiful reserve located there. We’re so excited to host future couples at LedgeCrest Reserve because our venue will truly be a one-stop shop. Not only will you be able to host both your ceremony and reception in our space, but you’ll also be able to do all of your family, bridal party and bride/groom portraits on site.

The LedgeCrest Reserve is located along a pathway leading to Ledgeview Park, which is the perfect location for photos. Plus, the sun sets right behind our property, giving you an amazing setting for those sunset photos that always look so beautiful.

Today, we wanted to show you a few photos taken right on our property. The first set of photos were taken by Kristin Reuter Photography in the summer. The second set was taken by Jessica Bedore Photography in late winter/early spring. The great thing about the reserve and Ledgeview Park is the versatility of the space. We think it looks beautiful in any season!

Summer images below, courtesy of Kristin Reuter Photography. We love the bridge in Ledgeview Park, as well as the reserve and river that run right behind LedgeCrest Reserve! Slide to see all photos.

Below are a few images from Jessica Bedore Photography, which were taken in March of this year. Even though the landscape was much more brown, we think the property is still beautiful, especially at sunset! 

The LedgeCrest Reserve is currently being build from the ground up in Ledgeview, Wisconsin, and will be complete in August 2019. The venue is actively booking weddings and corporate events for fall 2019 and beyond. If you’d like to inquire about your wedding or corporate event, please email